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''DuPont Cavalcade Theater'' - A Chain of Hearts

Published 1955

A dated episode of "DuPont Cavalcade Theater", titled "A Chain of Hearts". This episode of the filmed US anthology series originally aired 1 November 1955 on ABC, and is presented here complete with the original 3-minute commercial, which appears after the main story has finished. Cast includes Charles Bronson as a man who seeks US citizenship. The rest of the cast consists mainly of character actors and bit-players, the kind who have over 100 credits on IMDb but nobody can remember their names.

Run time 29:24
Production Company Four Star Productions
Audio/Visual sound, black and white
Language English


Reviewer: ultimatebozo - - February 2, 2014
Subject: Four Star Playhouse Rocks!
Even when a particular episode threatens to slide into the abyss of the maudlin, I find these old 30 minute dramas never fail to feel like time well spent once watched. I wish to thank the uploader(s) for their kindness, in taking the time to share them. That's the kind of thing that makes this site so awesome!